Frequently Asked Questions

• How Are The Domains Sold?

All the domains for sale are listed in the NameCheap marketplace. This means you can instantly purchase them without any negotiations with a 3rd party or delay while we manually push the domain to you. As soon as you buy the domain Namecheap will handle 100% of placing it in your account right away - Key.Domains isn't involved in the process at all.

• How Long Does Before I Can Use A Domain?

Because our domains are all listed in the NameCheap marketplace the transfer to your NameCheap should be almost instant. If you have any issues with the delivery of the domain you can contact NameCheap support like you would with any other domain purchase, they're very prompt and helpful.

• Why Only Namecheap?

Key.Domains has only just launched and using NameCheap marketplace listings was the quickest way to get up and running. If you're really opposed to having a Namecheap account please let me know and we can discuss other possible options for transferring a domain.

• Why Only 1 Price Level?

I've written a longer explanation here - but the TL:DR; is that with more TLDs being acceptable for small online projects that a strong approach to searching can yield enough domains to make a project like this feasible.

• Do You Sell 3rd Party Domains?

Currently not but you're welcome to send me any domains you think might work on Key.Domains! I'll definitely consider suggested purchases.

About Key.Domains

Key.Domains lists brandable domains for indiehackers, makers & founders to buy at an ultra affordable price.

We've all had a great domain idea for a project only to find it squatted for $10k... Key.Domains aims to decisively end this frustration by setting the price for all domains to just $150.

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